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Rangeela Tempera Poster Colours, 36ml, 12 Shades

Rangeela Tempera Poster Colours, 36ml, 12 Shades

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Introducing Rangeela Tempera Poster Colours, the perfect addition to your art supply collection. With 12 vibrant shades in 36ml containers, this set is ideal for artists of all skill levels. Whether you're creating bold and beautiful posters or adding a pop of color to a school project, these poster colours are sure to impress. Each shade is carefully crafted to deliver excellent coverage and a smooth, matte finish, making them ideal for for a wide range of painting techniques. These non-toxic and easy to clean colours are perfect for budding artists and seasoned professionals alike. Let your creativity flow with the vivid colors and easy-to-use consistency of Rangeela Tempera Poster Colours. Elevate your art projects with this high-quality and long-lasting set. Order now and bring your imagination to life with these versatile and vibrant poster colours.

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